Movable Type

I’ve tried installing both the version with libraries and the version without. Both times I’ve gotten the Internal Server Error thing with all the cgi scripts. I plugged perl mt.cgi into my account via telnet and I got:

Bareword found where operator expected at mt.cgi line 1, near “/usr/bin”
(Missing operator before bin?)
syntax error at mt.cgi line 1, near “/usr/bin”
“use” not allowed in expression at mt.cgi line 7, at end of line
BEGIN not safe after errors–compilation aborted at mt.cgi line 18.


I don’t know perl, and some of the computer stuff isn’t really very intuitive for me, but I swear I’m not stupid. Some idea or explanation would be wonderful. As a note, I did upload it as ascii and the path to perl “/usr/bin/perl” is correct according to whereis perl.



Did you install it using these step by step instructions? If so, at what step did you run into problems?


Sounds like maybe you removed the # from the line with the path to perl? It needs to be there to work properly.