Movable Type

I have a site on dreamhost ( that had a blog/journal up until this summer when I “temporarily” took it down because I wanted to work on the underlying code I had written. After months of “I’ll get to it next weekend” I finally decided just to switch over to Moveable Type.

I followed the instructions at to the letter. At no point did I get an error message. The check works fine, the load worked fine, but when I try to publish my first test post or rebuild the site, it just says “rebuilding entry ‘x’” or “rebuilding page 1 - 1” for hours. It never actually rebuilds, nor does it throw up any kind of error.

When I go to I see only an empty directory.

Oh, and if it helps for anyone who wants to try to answer this:

in mt.cfg

in weblog config screen
Local site path: /home/dgrenier/
Site URL:
Local Archive Path: /home/dgrenier/
Archive URL:

Any help would be appreciated.

never mind folks. it turned out it had nothing to do with MT or Dreamhost. Somehow the ad-blocking software in Norton Internet Security was screwing it up.