Movable Type

A pretty common topic on here is Movable Type, a very cool weblogging tool. You can find Movable Type here:

Anyhow, I’ve been going through the support forum over there and have seen some messages by DreamHost users having problems with using MT with our services. Apparently during the update process, some users (particularly those with lots of content to update) are having problems with the script dying on them in the middle of writing their weblog entries.

Looking into it further, it sounds like it’s our procwatch utility that’s killing it. What procwatch does is look for any user processes that have been running for more than a few minutes. If these processes are causing the server to incur significant load, it kills them. This is done so that a single user process cannot impact other users on the server.

Possible fixes would include either incrementally handling the updates over several processes, or being more selective on what gets updated every time. Some people have said that recent Movable Type versions seem to fix the problem, but I’m a curious enough to ask the MT-using people here…

  • …if they’ve had this problem.

  • …what version of MT they are running.

The recent CGI problems (erm, outage…) has shown me just how many Movable Type users we have on our servers. It’d be nice to be sure that our systems are the best possible platform for running a MT based weblog.

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
  • DH Discussion Forum Admin

I am running MT 2.21, and my weblog has about 200 entries. For the past 1-2 months, I’ve experienced occasional problems - I’ll get an error message when posting or rebuilding. Usually, retrying the process once has been successful.

Comments are not enabled on my log, if that makes any difference in how likely I am to get an error message.

I find sometimes you have to clear your local IE cache when encountering these issues, that has always fixed it for me

I use MT and have experienced server errors when updating content. I’m still on version 2.21. I experience the problem mostly under 2 circumstances:

  • when I’m rebuilding all files
  • when I’ve been working on updates and changes for a while

I’d love to hear if anyone has found a workaround.


What works for me is simply hitting the back button. MT resumes whatever it was doing exactly where it stopped before the error. As errors go, this one is harmless (to my site) because I don’t lose any information, just the few seconds it takes to hit the back button.

I just recently updated to version 2.5 and have had a couple of probs, but nothing major. Happened when I was trying to update. I just did the back button thing, too.