Movable Type working very very slowly


I’ve moved from other host to dreamhost lately with my website ( and blog running on Movable Type (, i’ve noticed that whole Movable Type has been working (generating, updating etc) very slowly since then, are there any possible ways to improve speed or is this problem (or common for perl scripts here) and i should inform support about it?

I don’t want to look for another host… :confused:

It may be a result of your SQL server having issues. If you’re building your pages dynamicly, I’d suggest switch to static builds. Then, the initial build might take you a few tries to get done, depending on how many entries and such you’ve got going, but then at least your actual content will be served quickly. I don’t find my MT instalation runs all that slow, so it’s not a software issue.

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I don’t use SQL with MT, i use their file db system to store all information, i’m writing CMS (in php with MySQL) at the sametime and it works smoothly, it seems that perl is working very slowly on this server. Also as you’ve pointed out i use their static pages build which is great, it speeds up loading times of pages but mt-search.cgi is building pages dynamicly and that’s main problem with rebuilding static pages in MT admin panel.

I’m watching sometimes ‘top’ on shell, and it shows high load average (above 10) which for me is way to big number. I think i will contact support so they can see the problem.

That is a high load average. The way Dreamhost’s netwok accesses NFS, averages as high as 2.5-3 or so are not really a problem (the NFS system can cause the load to be a little misrepresented), but over 5 or so needs attention.


I’m having a similar problem after moving my MT 3.33 blog to Dreamhost. I’m running against a MySQL db and the rebuilds to static files take an extraordinarily long time and sometimes do not complete at all.

I’m not sure what I have misconfigured. Can anyone share any insight?


Also, I am set to static publishing and I am not using any special plug-ins (the only ones installed are part of the default installation).

So, I’ve noticed that it’s not just rebuilding of MT pages, but practically all navigation within the MovableType console is painfully slow. Even if I’m just moving from editing one post to the next or previous post, it can take 30-60 seconds.

Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot this issue?