Movable Type (Sendmail Problem)


I have been unable to get MT to send email notification (for comment updates, new entries, etc.).

I read on the DH knowledge base that Sendmail is in a location that MT looks for by default:


…and confirmed that the directory does in fact exist but still no luck.

I also hardcoated the path in mt.cfg to no avail.

For those of you running MT who have email notification working can you share your knowledge on how I can get things working?

Thank you!

Other type of slashes - /usr/sbin/sendmail.

Sorry - old DOS habit - I typed them wrong in my intiial post. Here’s a cut and paste of the actual line in the mt.cfg file:

SendMailPath /usr/sbin/sendmail

Any other suggestions?


It works fine for me. The line in my mt.cfg file containing the SendMailPath setting is commented out, so it is using the default value. I receive emails for new comments and trackback pings.

Are you sure that on the Preferences page in the Comment Configuration section for your blog you have checked “Email new comments?” and then clicked the Save button? I have sometimes forgotten to click Save after making a change to my blog’s config.