Movable Type problem

I’m trying to install MT on my site, and all went like clockwork until I accessed mt.cgi and put in ‘Melody’ and ‘Nelson’. Then I got a 404 error. I deleted the whole thing and tried again, but now, of course, mt-load.cgi doesn’t work anymore either. I’m told the user already exists. The mt.cgi login still does the same thing. The MT logo isn’t visible either; it’s a broken image place holder. What happened? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Check the value you set for your CGIPath in mt.cfg – it should be an http path to the directory you’re installing MT in.

Yeah, I got it up and running now. I had inadvertently capitalized the directory in the path. D’uh! Thanks, Crys.

No problem – I made a few ‘interesting’ mistakes installing MT myself :wink: it’s just that mine were a bit over two years ago (was 1.4 – currently at 2.64 (I haven’t upgraded to 2.661 because I don’t feel like redoing 3 critical to my site and several minor source hacks just yet ))