Movable Type Problem

I had a short outage last night for about an hour and since then none of my new Movable Type entries have been showing up. I have a support call in to Dreamhost, but was wondering if any others are experiencing this same issue?

hi i’m kep.
i started experiencing the same thing since this morning.
any comments or entries not shown up on pages.

did yours fininshed, Tecil?

Yes Dreamhost had changed the pathname of the server. It used to be \home.pacey… but they changed it to \home.paceywasher…

Once I changed the MovableType config file to point there, and the two lines in the Weblog Config in the MovableType UI, everything started working correctly again.


You should use /home/username (don’t use the .foo/ part at all). That part will change again in the future. See past threads on this forum about the same issue.

Is this in reference to this setting in the mt.cfg file?

DataSource ./db

I am having that same issue as well… can save to the database, but new entries and new comments are not showing up. I get a permission denied error


I am also getting this error and the MT forum made it look like the machine name at Dreamhost had changed. Has this been happening frequently?