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Ok I am clueless with MySQL. Basically all I know about it is how to set it up at the web panel. From then on I’m clueless. My question is…I just set up Movable Type for site updates. What on the page counts as a conuery? I hope I am asking this right. It’s just that I checked my MySQL usage and I have over 1,800 queries and 175 connects and this is just from me so far. Does viewing the page, editing a template and looking at archives cause a conuery, connect, and/or query? I had a lot of queries from yesterday and what I was doing was editing templates and viewing the page too. I don’t get a lot of traffic at my site so I doubt I’ll ever get close to my limit but I would like to know what causes the conueries. I don’t even know what is stored in the database. I assume archives are but I don’t know! Just so you know I have tried to read up on MySQL but for some reason it is the only thing I just don’t get. I don’t understand this table thing and phpMyAdmin makes no sense to me so I got out of there fast. LOL Thanks a lot for any help you can give :slight_smile:



A lot of your questions about the definition of Conueries can be answered in the kbase:

Basically, it’s good to keep your ration of queries per connection high. That is, the more information you can extract from your database with a single connection the better. The reason being is that connecting to your database is considered “expensive” on resources. Once connected, however, queries are generally cheap on resources provided your database is in good order.

If you’re editing your templates and database through some sort of web interface then I’d imagine that your hits will be added to your database usage. There’s no way I can see that the usage program can differenciate between an Administrator administrating a database through system x and a user accessing a few records through portal y.

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Thanks a lot Wil. :slight_smile: I did check kbase but was still confused. It’s making more sense to me the more I read. I just didn’t want to screw up and be the idiot that messes with the resources. I think the way I was doing things was probably bad but DH didn’t send me hate mail yet. LOL I swear trying to understand MySQL has kicked my butt. One of these days I’ll laugh at myself for not getting it :wink: Thanks again for your reply!



Well, you really need to be running a very busy site with a very poor connection to queries ratio for Dreamhost to take any action – namely go over your allowed limit.

The limits provided are more than enough for the average websites. I run four sites which are built on database backends with constant hits to the database and my cycle estimate is 0.020 MCn out of my allocated 25 MCn.

Hope this helps.

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