Movable Type Installation



Hi All,

I’m a n00bz0r trying to install Movable Type on my new domain.

Here’s what movable type is telling me to do:
-Copy the mt-static directory from your local computer to the Web root directory on the Web server.

-Open the cgi-bin directory on your Web server. Make a new directory within it named mt. Copy all of the other Movable Type installation folders and files to the mt directory.

Is the “Web root directory” just the directory?

I have FTP’ed into my site and I can’t find a cgi-bin directory. Where is this elusive cgi-bin directory?

Any help is much appreciated.


Yes, so your stuff goes in the directory so your index.html (or index.php) sits right in the directory, and not a folder in the domain folder.

No need for a cgi-bin directory. CGI files will run from anywhere, but you can create a cgi-bin directory in your directory and put your stuff there.



sdayman - thanks for the help

Now I’m encountering some other annoyances. Movable Type says to open up the mt.cgi file to run the installation wizard. This is where my file is located:

When I open this up it says “Internal Server Error - The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.”

Also, my index.html file displays “mt-static - OK” and that’s it.

Thanks for any help.


Make sure the cgi-bin directory and mt.cgi file has permissions set to 755. They has to be readable and executable by the webserver.