Movable type HTML:Template

i’m trying to get mt installed and when i run the mt-check.cgi i get the following errors:


HTML::Template (version >= 2)…
Either your server does not have HTML::Template installed, or
the version that is installed is too old. HTML::Template is
required for all Movable Type application functionality. Please
consult the installation instructions for help in installing

Your server does not have Image::Size installed. Image::Size is required for file uploads (to determine the size of uploaded
images in many different formats). Please consult the
installation instructions for help in installing Image::Size.

Your server does not have CGI::Cookie installed. CGI::Cookie is required for cookie authentication. Please consult the
installation instructions for help in installing CGI::Cookie.

i have followed the installation instructions on but that didn’t help - i have tried using CuteFTP and CaptainFTP.

help? anyone? puhleazzzzzzzz "}

That’s very odd. As far as I know, DreamHost has all the Movable Type dependencies installed on all the servers used to host websites. What DreamHost server is your site on?

For MT install instructions that are very specific to DreamHost, I recommend that you try my MT installation notes.


hey BobS! thx for the install notes. i’m starting all over now… in the first section “Create mySQL Subdomain, DB, and DB User” I ran into trouble creating the subdomain from the mySQL section of the control panel. i could not find anywhere to add a mySQL hostname. i ended up going back to the domain section and adding it from there…i hope this doesn’t screw me up! (i noted that the directions specifically said “don’t create your mySQL domain in the regular DH domain control panel,” but i seriously didn’t see any other way to create it!)

for now, i am going to continue going thru the directions and see if i can get it to work. if not, i’ll be back to post again! :slight_smile:

oh schitt! i just went back to the mySQL control panel - and bam! there is was - clear as day! “add mySQL hostname”. Gawd, i must be completely blind (either that or i need more coffee!)

so, just ignore my last post! "}

thx again Bob! things are happy now :slight_smile: and everything is working!

Bob, thanks for replying with a proper link to my install notes. I must have either had too much coffee or too much beer when authoring my previous post.