Movable Type FTP?

I’ve read through the installation instructions, using ssh and unpacking it on the site.

I’ve done multiple MT installs elsewhere and I’m much more comfortable just manually uploading it by FTP already unpacked. How is this affected by the lack of a cgi-bin? Do I just make up another directory (like ‘blog’) and put everything that would have been in the cgi-bin… in there instead?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve allways done my mt installs via FTP. Just upload the files in exactly the same directory structure that the archive is in. If you want it in a sub-directory, create that, and upload the same way.

the default path to perl is correct in all your files - you’ve just got to edit mt.cfg properly, and db-pass for the mysql database. in the config files, make sure you specify the mysql host name - local host won’t work. Aside from that it should be easy.