Movable Type Existing Installation suddenly broken

My Movable Type installation (v 2.56) in my account on Rum is suddenly broken. I’m not able to log into my site, comments no longer work, and when I use mt-medic it can’t see any users or blogs.

Two nights ago this installation was fine and now, after the Rum upgrade was announced, it’s broken. Has anyone else had this problem?

I am having the same problem – MT software that has worked well is refusing to let me log in on two different computers, saying that the user doesn’t exist. I am on dozer. I’m sure there is just a setting or something that needs to be changed, but I don’t know what it is, and I can’t get into MT to change the settings anyway!

I have no idea. It looks like the problem is with a Berkley DB upgrade that Dreamhost made.

Please submit a support request via their support contact tool in the Dreamhost control panel and reference this thread.


Do a seach on this forum and you will find a couple other posts realting to your problem.

Here’s a basic recap:

The berkelely database that you are using is no longer functioning - becuase of the upgrade. When version of berkeley are upgraded they often change the structure of the database files, thus rendering the files un-readable untill you run an upgrade script.

If you search you’ll find an other post where a user has posted the response from support, with MT’s sigguested steps as well. Hopefully by following thoes you’ll get your site up and working again.

Once things are running, so you self a favor and convert over to MYSQL. You’ll avoid these problems, and mt will continue working just fine!