Movable Type comments error

Hey all,

Appreciate any help that can be provided. Client is getting the following error:

Comment Submission Error

Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Too many comments have been submitted from you in a short period of time. Please try again in a short while.

Movable type support said this:
This error message indicates that Movable Type has rejected
the comments due to comment throttling - that too many
comments have been submitted from a single IP address
within a certain period of time. Movable Type uses the
ThrottleSeconds[1] configuration directive to specify how
many seconds must pass before a comment from a particular
IP address is allowed to post another comment on a weblog
after one has already been posted from that IP address.

You may wish to examine your mt-config.cgi configuration
file and see if there is a ThrottleSeconds directive
present that has been set to a high value (the default
value for the ThrottleSeconds directive is 20 seconds).

If you examine the recent comments posted to your weblog,
do they all appear to be posted from the same IP address,
even when different visitors posted the comments? If this
is the case, your web server may be behind an HTTP proxy
server, and in that event, you may be able to add a
TransparentProxyIPs[2] directive to your mt-config.cgi
configuration file to resolve this issue:

TransparentProxyIPs 1

I have done their suggestions but no change. Really can’t figure out why it stopped working???

Anyone else having issues with a movable type install?

thanks much,

I haven’t experienced that problem before but is it possible that you need to cycle or otherwise flush the system?? Could there be a cache that is holding the old commands? - City Streets