Mounting DreamHost folders on a Mac


What is the preferred / best way to securely mount a DreamHost account to the OS X file system? I would like to avoid FTP. I’m developing on another domain on the same server as the production site so as to have access to the same environment / speeds.

It’s trivially easy in Ubuntu, just connect to a server and enter ssh://

In OS X (10.7.4), there is an option to connect to a server, but I’ve tried the following:
ssh:// (unsupported)
s (unsupported)
smb:// (error)
afp:// (error) (works when I un-disallow FTP access)

The error codes are the same: “There was a problem connecting to the server ‘’. The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.”

Additionally, running mount_smbfs // /Volumes/ fails with “server connection failed: Operation timed out”. /Volumes/ exists.

The program DreamMount hasn’t been updated since April 2009 (see DreamHost Newsletter v11.3 March 2009) and I cannot get it to work. It encapsulates MacFUSE and SSHFS.

Again, I would like to avoid FTP. I also would like to avoid third party paid apps like ExpanDrive, and other third party clients that don’t mount to the file system.

Thanks for any ideas!


Going through the options you’ve listed, it looks like you’ve run into quite a variety of disappointments:

[] ssh:// — this isn’t a file sharing protocol
] s — not supported by Mac OS X
[] smb:// — we don’t run Samba file-sharing on our servers
] afp:// — we don’t run Netatalk either
[*] — we do run this, but you don’t seem to want it, and Mac OS X only supports read-only FTP access anyway

If you can find a version of MacFuse that’s been updated to work with current versions of Mac OS X, that may work. If not, you may want to look into ExpanDrive — it is a paid app, granted, but it does work rather well.


Andrew, thank you so much for your quick reply.

Basically, I was curious how a *nix (…well, BSD) system couldn’t mount a similar remote drive when Ubuntu could. (Edit: The $40 ExpanDrive seems excessive to me)

As a response summary:
[]ssh - just coming off of Ubuntu and onto my MacBook
]sftp - trial and error
[]smb - not supported, I understand…
]afp - it appears as if older DreamHost system versions may have supported this based on searches on this forum
[*]ftp - ah, thank you, that explains why I was running into odd TextMate save errors

Are there plans to update this in the future? I know it’s a convenience thing, but am I wrong on how convenient it would be? That said, I also understand why it may be this way on purpose.


In case anybody is interested…

Somehow I missed this page while searching, and it works reasonably well… at least it beats spending money on ExpanDrive: The server doesn’t show up under Connected Servers, only under /Volumes/ but it’s probably a bug with the software.



Sorry for my English. When you install Transmit (, it will make a option to mount a Dreamhost folder as a folder in your MAC OSX.