Mountaindew - Part of Blingy Cluster?



Wordpress pages with 30 second renders are not acceptable. Is mountaindew on the blingy cluster?


No, it’s in Spacey. You can find this in your panel by clicking the upper right link for Account Status.

What’s the URL? Maybe the problem is something else.



There are others too. php 5, fast cgi, it should all be crystal.

I’ve put the question to them on support just before writing to the bulletin board, but haven’t gotten a response.


There sure is a long wait before content shows up. Images load quickly, but it’s the dynamic portion that’s taking way long. Have you logged into your server to check the load?



I looked around for how to check server load.
For posterity, I found a script here.

#!/bin/bash echo "Content-type: text/plain" echo "" uptime|awk '{print $1" "$10" "$11" "$12}' which returned this:

[code][mountaindew]$ load
Content-type: text/plain

06:50:21 average: 35.28, 37.39,[/code]I also found this quick method to check average load:

[mountaindew]$ more /proc/loadavg 33.06 32.98 36.81 20/1317 9899I gather it’s supposed to be less than one. Since writing this, I stopped a cron job that was pinging my home router every five minutes. Since that, the load has jumped occasionally 40, so I know my cron job isn’t causing the problem.

Here’s the load on my bluehost account:
[xxxxxx@boxXXX ~]$ more /proc/loadavg
1.89 2.16 2.01 3/540 19195

That’s still high, but I’m not waiting 30 seconds for a wordpress blog - even using K2 theme.


Wow, that’s really high. I’d start nagging support about this. For extra kicks, go into the Support section of the Panel, then Account Tests and fire one up and check back for the results.



Thanks - That’s exactly what I did. It was actually going over 100 by the time they responded. They said that one user was overloading. They stopped him/her, and suddenly things are now back down to:
8.98 7.60 7.75 16/1392 5783

I think this is still high, but support seemed satisfied. None of my other hosts have numbers that high. None.

Bluehost rarely goes above 2.
Qwknet rarely goes above 3.

What numbers are you seeing?
What numbers are others seeing on their dreamhost server using ‘more /proc/loadavg’ ?


Anything under 10 should be functional.

I just checked my shared environs:
Dreamhost [clank]: 121, 125, 111 - still moving data off I believe (I hope!).
BlueHost: 251, 245, 222 - Matt’s probably busy out collecting other men’s sport shoes. Again.
DEA: below 1.5 (as usual) - the account holders there know what they’re doing tho.

It’s the luck of the draw really. If you’re unhappy with the 8’s you could ask to be moved onto another server. Keep in mind you might end up on a server that is running perfectly - until someone else lands on it who has no idea the damage the can do running shitty scripts.

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Thanks for the feedback, sXi.
Yes, sometimes, it’s just one or two users spoil it for the lot.