Mount question

This is a bit of a tangent to the All of my files are gone thread .

The “mount” command shows all of the mounts on a host.

If “my_dir” is my home directory on the host, and “some_other_dir” is someone elses, why doesn’t the following command work?

mount | grep my_dir

And this one does work:

mount | grep some_other_dir

In other words, my mount is not in the list, but everyone elses mount is. My files are in the directory, so the mount is not broken. I can’t believe my files are really local on the system.


Your volume should be listed as a mount (not your home directory, as individual home directories are not mounted).

If you do a “ls -l /home/”, it should show you how your home directory is linked to it’s “real” place on its mounted filesystem - usually something like:

You can then grep for your volume in the list of mounts.

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Tried your suggested ls command.
First, it confirms my files are mounted and not local.

Then it took me a couple of minutes to absorb how nfs is set up here.

As you explained, my home directory is a link to my directory in the mounted volume. “ls /home” does not show the volume mount points as they are “dot” directories (doh!). Had I looked using -l, I could have figured this out.

I did see the “dots” in the output of the mount command, but did not think it through. I expected to see user names, so I did not interpret the output as volumes.

Interesting setup, it does make it easy for DH to move users from one machine to another.

Thanks for clearing this up for me.


Yup yup, glad I was able to help!

It took me a while to figure out what was going on the first time. Well, it was like the third time before I actually figured out how it was set up. :slight_smile:

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