Most times than not I cannot load my domains. White screen

I have two domains hosted on my VPS using dreamhost servers.
Both sites have installations of Wordpress.
I registered them only a few months ago and I haven’t put much work into the sites yet as I’m still learning before I make any mistakes.
I noticed from a couple months ago until now that there’s about a 50/50 chance both of my domains will be unreachable, whether I try to visit the site through my dreamhost panel or even type in the URL on any browser, I’m greeted to a loading white screen with no error message. Other times I’ll be taken right to the site without a problem.
I’ve researched and learned about the supposed “white screen of death” however I’m still not clear on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing about this. It’s starting to get really annoying as I have more time to work on my websites but won’t be able to access Wordpress or my site period.
I don’t understand why sometimes it loads while other times it does not.
Does anyone else have this problem???
If anyone can help me please tell me in detailed terms I can understand as I’m new to dreamhost, Wordpress, and web development as a whole.
Is this a dreamhost issue or a Wordpress issue and what do I do to make my domains reliable when visited by me and others??
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.