Most Downtime I have ever had!


I gave dreamhost a chance with 3 of my lowest traffic site. Already with-in one week those sites have gone down 2 times for about 5 hours each time during the day. I do not suggest dreamhost to anyone that is looking for a new server.



What are these 3 sites?

How are they setup etc… there are SO many variables that can cause issues such as these, bagging a hosting company based off downtime is rediculous without proof and stats to show…

Those 2 downtimes could of been ISP related or something outside of their control.


I strongly recommend DreamHost. I have several months worth of solid 100% uptime reports from

Unfortunately, these are shared servers, and all new accounts get lumped together on the same server. New accounts often belong to new users who do crazy stuff that overload the server. As soon as these kinks get worked out, one ends up with a pretty stable server.



First off, it’s an e-commerce site. Going down that often is unacceptable and is absolutely a legitimate reason to “Bag” a hosting company. Second, The site has been moved and hasn’t gone down for a single moment. Third, there are three of us running the site from different locations, an IT expert, a web developer and a graphic designer, if it were ISP related issues we would be able to tell.

Now, I was a dreamhost customer for many years (well over 5) and I remember when my sites hosted there never went down. I used to be very happy with them and recommended them to many of my clients. All the issues I’ve had with them have started over the last 6 months to a year. Perhaps something happened internally? That I can’t say. But I can say their quality of customer care and uptime’s have dipped dramatically.


Me too…

I had got much complaint for my users…

I can patience the site with a little bit slow but I cannot patience for the unstable and get error while the site loading.

Root Lau


Ditto to Fl3tch3r. I’ve had sites of all sizes being hosted with Dreamhost for almost 10 years. The last account I set up with them a PS account has been up maybe 90% of the time, at best.

I am currently moving all my important clients off Dreamhost.


Don’t forget that you are on a shared server.

This is not dedicated.

I’ll recommend a dedicated for heavy e-commerce website.

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