More than one Hosting Plan on One Account

Hi Everyone,
This is probably one of those questions that has already been asked a millions times. I am combing through the archives to find an answer, but in case anyone know off the top-o-head:

Is it possible to have more than one hosting plan on a single account? So, for example, I would like to have a VPS, and one shared hosting plan.

A few different websites on each plan

I have a VPS already, running a few sites. I added a shared hosting plan, but cannot find where to create a user for that account, or a way to add a domain. If I try it only gives me options for my VPS.

Does anyone else manage multiple hosting on one account?

To answer my own question: Yes, you can have more than one hosting on your account.

I had to put in a ticket, and they responded fairly quickly and added the Shared Hosting as an option when I create a new user: I can pick between my VPS or the shared hosting.

Well I guess, you don’t need to someone’s answer regarding your query because you knew the answer already.

Yes, haha. I heard back from support, who helped me by activating my Shared Hosting plan somehow so it showed up as an option when creating a new user (meaning I can now create a user for either my VPS or my shared hosting plan)

However, I am still not clear on if I did something wrong when originally set it up? or if there was a step I missed, or maybe it just is the case that if you want tsort of setup then you must contact support to have it activated.