More spam filter problems

Everyone has been having their own minor crisis with these stupid new spam filters - here is how its screwing me:

Emails from long standing people in our contacts keep getting sucked into this new spam folder. I am told to log into the webmail portal and whitelist the domains, except when I do this, nothing happens! the new domains / addresses do not appear on the whitelist. a day later and they still are not there. this has been going on for days. I drag and drop them out of my mail program from spam to inbox and the next day, the same email address keeps going in there.

furthermore, sometimes two identical spam messages, with the same subject line and sender- one goes to spam, one goes to inbox. something seems fubar.

and this isnt just happening to my users email accounts, its happening to MINE too, so I know just how bad and stupid this is. live chat was no help, my ticket has been sitting unanswered for days. is this really how DH implements a new thing - guinea pig all of us with their broken code and let us find the bugs?

and as an update… I similarly am supposed to hand edit every user for every domain’s account as they find email addresses and domains to white/black-list. Fugg this! Ugh. time to start shopping around for a new host.

I am having massive problems with spam since the new webmail interface was launched. But it seems to have gotten worse in the last few days. I am getting hundreds of spam emails a day now. UGH.