More servers?


I was just looking at my stats and I know Dreamhost increases our space and bandwidth by [so much] each week.

Does this mean that they are actually buying more and more servers everytime they add more and more space and bandwidth to our accounts? :confused:

Won’t there be like an overload or something :stuck_out_tongue:


No. They will just knock a hole in the roof for the server to poke through.
I think they just buy lots and lots of big hard drives and floppies to keep the thing going. It must be good news for hosting companies that Seagate have their 750GB hard drives out now.
There are holographic systems being developed that will store a couple of terrabytes on a device as big as a sugar cube (a normal sugar cube not a 6 foot by 6 foot one!)
which should be enough space for one or two pictures!



Yes and no. Since it is shared hosting, and most users wouldn’t use anywhere near their accounts space or bandwidth limit, these resources would only be upgraded as required while keeping a safe margin to allow for bursts in either space or bandwidth.

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I recall reading on the DreamHost blog that they were adding 200GB of storage per day at one stage.

Of-course, all this storage is networked, the drives storing your site data aren’t actually in the box serving your pages, but contained in file servers elsewhere in the datacentre.


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With the rate digital cameras are evolving, that sugar cube will really only be able to store one or two pictures in the future.

dismayed trying to resize 13meg pictures


I know what you mean, I’ve been using a Canon 20D which takes 8 to 9mb raw files. You save that out as a TIFF and it’s a 40mb file.

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