More Remixer Feedback

OK, I finally got back to trying Remixer on a new simple restaurant site. Here are my notes from that process:

Remixer feedback

Remixer has improved, but there are still a number of issues with it.

  1. Inconsistent save buttons. For example, if I’ve clicked on a picture element, it brings up a panel with four tabs. On the first tab, clicking on a photo changes the photo immediately. On the second tab clicking on an image appears to do very little, since all it does is add the picture to the first tab. I still have to go back to the first tab, then search out the image I just added and then add it. On the Filters tab changes I make are applied immediately. On the link tab, if I don’t remember to hit the “Save” button, nothing happens at all (I changed more than a dozen images to links before realizing I actually hadn’t).

  2. When editing an image, if I have multiple of the same image on the page and try to use the Filters tab, it changes all copies of the same image. I can’t have a “Cronkite” version of an image on the left and have a “Jerry” version on the right. This is very unintuitive.

  3. The doodads (delete, add, etc.) are often on top of small fields making them impossible to edit. Also, the “delete” is often the button that is accidentally clicked while trying to click on a small field, causing havock. Move the dodads off the fields entirely.

  4. Table-like controls don’t honor the tab key. For example, I was trying to use the “Prices” template and the column where I put the prices was very small. If I accidentally deleted the contents of one of the price fields, I could no longer convince the UI to click on the column (the close button covered the entire active section). It would be better for delete to not cover the control at all, to avoid accidental clicking. If tab were supported then it would make that table 100x easier to edit. Right now, I have to type, grab mouse, click (often twice), then type some more. If I could just type, tab, type, tab, type, etc. it would have halved the time it took me to build out the menu.

  5. I frankly don’t get the poiunt of putting all the “pins” on the page. They just get in the way and don’t add all that much. I’ve never seen a time when clicking on the pin did anything. I can’t select, drag, activate, etc. by clicking on the pin. Make them much smaller, make them only show up when hovering over, or clicking on, a tool (maybe on the left), or get rid of them entirely. If I could click on them to activat the control they are in front of, that would at least be helpful.

  6. Changing the “slug” does not cause links to that page to be fixed up. So, changing the slug randomly breaks the whole site!

  7. What’s the point of teasing me by showing me the markup and then not allowing me to modify it?

  8. How can I define shared aspects of multiple pages? For example, it’s common to have the same footer at the bottom of every page (sometimes except the first page). At this point the only choice I see is to manually build the footer on each page. It would be nice to be able to copy and paste sections from one page to another, but it would also be nice to be able to save a section as my own template, and then use that template on other pages.

  9. When I click the gear (or is it a flower?) to bring up the Component Options dialog, it would be nice to have a close X on the dialog as well. I have to click on something else on the page and if the page is very busy I sometimes accidentally click on something else on the page when I’m just trying to put the dialog away.

  10. It really needs a “page split” template. One that allows me to then put a template left and a template right [T|T], each of them would have a “new” bubble (and in which I could nest page split templates, so I could end up with [[T|T]|T]. Since most of the templates properly self adjust, it doesn’t seem like having a horizontal template would break the other templates (at least most of them). Also, once this is in, the page layout on the left will need to be heirarchical, to show the parent/child relationships.

  11. I’d really like to see a “nav” template with a photo on the left aligned with the menu (where I could put a logo that would link back to home).

  12. Each template should define a custom label, so that I can link, not only to a specific page, but a specific template on that page. For example, I’m doing a simple website for a restaurant and I’d like to have pictures on the site representing certain dishes (appetizers, drinks, deserts, etc.) and I would like to link to the “deserts” prices template on the menu page with “/menu#deserts”.

  13. Once each template has a label, then I would want to be able to generate a “nav” template with automatic links to all the nav links on a given page (of course, at that point the nav should have a “float” option so that it never leaves sight when linking to sections on the current page).

  14. For the Photo template, it would be nice it if allowed me to adjust what percentage/pixels of the page are dedicated to the photo. What if I want to put a thin/tall image there and have lots of room on the side for text? In fact, if you did the split template, then just make a photo template that resizes to its content and I can put any other text template on the other side (basically, I could build my own image template).

  15. I’d really like to be able to design my own templates.

Thanks Dreamhost Remixer team,

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