More Rails woes - is DH gonna help out here?

If things go well for me, I’ll probably switch my rails hosting to TextDrive. Maybe I’ll keep my non-rails stuff here, maybe not. But if I ever want a halfway professional app, DH is just not gonna work. Too many problems so far. The random 500 errors are unacceptable, and were fixed by TextDrive long ago. I’m still having to tinker with all the various custom “fixes” which don’t seem to work all that well for me so far.

Now I’m noticing that seldom-used apps take at least 30 seconds to start up! Yeah, it’d be great if all my apps were used regularly so nobody would see that, and DH will probably say, “hey, it only hurts once”. Right… until the process is killed for lack of activity or something. In a niche-ish app that may be hit by only 10 people a day, one slowdown like that is just unacceptable.

Anybody else noticing this issue with new and seldom-used rails apps? Anybody figure out any ways around it?