More on users for domains



My scenario is:

1 - I have one account with some domains
2 - I need to share with some friends just one of those domains
3 - I need all the users to have ftp access to access all the domain files. They need also one email address. Access to the Webpanel would be lovely.

I´ve read the those wiki/resources/forums:

And some more…

I still don´t know if i have to add them as FTP users and then redir the domain… Just redir the domain and create webids for all of them…

The only thing that seems clear is that I have to create an email account for each one, but nothing else.

Could anyone help me with this?

Thanks a lot.


ps: Also would be lovely to map the webids with the forums users.


This seems to be the hard part of your requirements:

As I understand it, and have been using it …

a. You CAN give another webid access to a domain that’s hosted in your account. See the panel, Billing > Account Privileges. [That would allow your friends to, say, set up and change e-mail addresses on that domain.]

b. You CANNOT give a second ftp user access to the files in the first ftp user’s directory. To really share the files, they need to share the user name/login. See

But, as described in the article you cite on mapping subdirectories, you could distributed the site to the different users by giving each person one or more subdirectories that they could control with their ftp id.

Perhaps if you reword your requirements, someone will have a better answer.