More on the new referral links


Yesterday the referral link on my ‘rewards’ page changed back to the username, and today it’s back to the number (i tested yesterday and the number did NOT get logged, so i’m holding off for now).

Also did anyone else notice the wording has changed? It used to say “anybody who follows a link to [your referral url] and then signs up later will AUTOMATICALLY be credited to you (they don’t even have to enter your username when signing up)!”

clearly it doesn’t say that anymore. is DH gonna tighten down on their previously fairly-sweet referral deal, and let actual referrals now slip through our fingers? Or is this an accidental omission so far? I wish we’d get some official word…



It keeps flip flopping. I wouldn’t get too stressed about it. If they change the system it will still have to be good for them, the customer, and the referring person. Up until now I think it has been good for everyone so I don’t know why they would change it. We’ll have to wait and see.

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No it doesn’t, but it does say…

[color=#0000CC]You will get referral credit for anyone who:

  1. Clicks [Referral Link] and then signs up without entering any promo code or referrer.[/color]

Which I read to be pretty much the same as the previous wording, except for the word ‘later’.

One thing that does concern me (a little) about the new system; It now seems that referrals, if they use the new sign-up page, are only added to your list once they have actually paid for a plan, non paying referrals do not seem to be shown any more. I am not totally sure this is the case, but it did appear this way when I was testing my promo codes under the new system.

While at first, this does not seem to be a problem, on greater examination it could rob the original referrer of some rewards.

For example; Suppose someone you refer does not immediately pay for a plan, but instead uses the new sign-up page to create a Panel log-in using their email address. This person will not appear in your list.

Now suppose this person also actively refers others to DreamHost and (much) later buys a hosting plan. As the original referrer, not only do you miss out on the rewards for their plan purchase, but you also miss out on the secondary rewards.

As I said, I am not totally sure this is the case, but it is definitely worth further investigation.


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