More on Rewards

Hi I was just wondering if anyone is still waiting for their rewards to be cashed out to PayPal. I check the rewards page, and the rewards payment report pages and they tell me that my rewards have been cashed out to PayPal. But I haven’t received it yet.

it also states :

“Cash outs are sent via PayPal on the first business day of the month”

so it depends on when you asked for it to be cashed out to PayPal. if you did it after July 1st then you probably have to wait until August 1st to get your money.

I just received my payout a few hours ago. DreamHost wrote the following in their email:

[quote]Our apologies for the delay in getting this payment out to you! Our paypal account was a little low on funds on the 1st, and so we had to transfer some in from our linked checking account. Unfortunately, that takes paypal 3-4 business days!

It’s all cleared now and here’s your moolah! In the future we’ll always deposit money in advance so that there’s enough in our paypal account to cover the first of the month pay outs.

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