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I’ve had some issues with the one-click install of phpBB. Dreamhost deactivated my subdomain due to “runaway procs”. I deleted phpBB and started over with a fresh one-click install. Things were going ok over the weekend, till…

When posting using my Firefox browser on my work computer, the Views increments by 12-15. It also increments by 12-15 when I view a thread. When posting or viewing using MSIE, the Views increments by 1-2. I don’t think it happens when I post or view from my home computer using Firefox or MSIE. The threads I made from home only had a few views. Like 6 or less. I asked a friend of mine to post something and everything seems normal. A new thread starts off with 0 views. Then, per one view, it will increment by 1.

Could this be causing the runaway procs?

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