More on multiple domains

Hi ~ I’m looking at DH for several TOTALLY unrelated businesses (considering the Crazy Domain level). In reading the info on the DH site, I see you can have 15 sub-domains, but they are listed as So, since that’s not an option, is that where I would use the 3 Full domains?

And, might I ask, WHEN would you use a subdomain?


Ah - well that makes sense. Thanks Smartypants!

So, could the 3 full domains allow the separate businesses to be truly separate web-wise or would I need three separate DH accounts?

thanx again!

it depends on what their needs are. if all three need access to the web panel, you’d need three different DH accounts. If they just need FTP/shell access, you could do that with one DH account.

Got it! Thanks!

Some more discussion of subdomains is in my site:

– Dan