More on FP upload problem

My problem is that when I first signed up to Dreamhost they did something special because I was using Frontpage. I used Frontpage to just upload without ever even looking at my root directory. Frontpage just did it. I had never even FTP’s my root to see what was there. Then recently the Frontpage upload just stopped working and I got a possible error list. So I read the forums and learned enough to go FTP into my root at “” and saw mail, logs and an old directory called “mydomain_before_Frontpage” that was empty and seemed to date to when I first started. There is also a 46 byte exec looking file called '" but its not a directory at all. So in my root there is no directory that contains my website or its index.htm. The weird part is my website is up and running so must exist somewhere. I have yet to get any help from support ( except an e-mail that missed the whole point) and the knowledgebase is not specific about my case and suggests if I have a working website I should find it in my root under “”. Nope! All I can think is that they treat Frontpage differently and they originally moved my website to some other server and my root only contains my mail and logs (and they are there). If my website is somewhere else on some special Frontpage server then they must have some way that re-directs to there. I just believe that was recently broken and since I may fit into this weird case, how do I fix it.

Another post answer I received thought bit was a recent upgrade that broke my Frontpage method. I have conacted support but their response was " turn off Sharepoint" which has nothing to do with the real issue. Then they dissappered. Any idea how to get a real response faster than e-mial over 2 days? Phone? Chat?

HELP please!


i may be the only other FP user in here, anyways, the problems that you and i are facing is due to the Debian 3.1 upgrade…when the upgrade was completed, it ruined all of the FP extensions so you must contact support to have them reinstall the extensions. hope this helps and if you have any other FP isssues, i may be able to assist since ive been using it since 97 :wink:



yes, put in a supoprt request through the panel, explain the problem - link to this thread if you want. They need to re-install FP extensions for your domain - a simply procedure. Mark the ticket as a site outage/ emergency. I put a ticket in over the same issue for a client just a couple days ago when this problem croped up for me, and it was answered and fixed in about 3 hours.