More grand fun with MovableType + BerkeleyDB

Looking at the forum archives, I see a few other people have had this problem, but I don’t think anybody came up with a solution, so I’m going to describe my problem as completely as I can:

I’m currently moving my MovableType site over to DreamHost. When I tried to log in, I discovered that the usernames all disappeared. Checking the MT docs, I found this: keep getting the movable type login screen

Apparently the solution is to dump the database files into text format on my old host, move them over to DreamHost, and re-load the text files into database files. My old host doesn’t have db_dump; the closest I could find was db33_dump (I presume this is version 3.3). I did this on all my MT files and moved them to DreamHost.

When I try using db_load on DreamHost, though, I get this message:
db_load: unknown input-file header configuration keyword

Looking at /usr/bin, I see there’s a “db3_load” program. I converted my files back using that, but MT still doesn’t seem to work, so apparently that’s not what I need to do.

I still have access to my old host (for now!). Does anybody know what I need to do here?

Does your old host have phpmyadmin? It’s painfully easy to export databases using it. Just go up to “Export” in the tabs towards the top of the window, select your database name, “save as file,” and “download.”

You can then import it into DreamHost again using phpmyadmin; use the “Query Window.”

Yes, I know about that, but this was a BerkeleyDB, not MySQL. The various versions of BerkeleyDB are apparently not cross-compatible with each other at all, which is a serious pain.

I ended up having to go to my old host and convert my MT databases over to MySQL (which was a pain in itself) and then move the MySQL database over using phpmyadmin. I should’ve set MT up to use MySQL in the first place, I guess!

Oh, my bad…missed that part.