More DNS woes



I’m not sure if this is related to the current cluster outage or not, so I’ll post it here hoping to get clarification or confirmation.

I set up an account about a week ago ( and installed WordPress. After migrating my data from Blogger, I followed the instructions given to me in another thread on this forum to switch my main domains (,, and to point to my WordPress instance running on I went into WP’s Options and changed the “Blog Address” to be and everything worked great.

I have some links to fix in my content and some other data massaging to do and was hitting the URLs just fine as of 11a, EDT this morning. I went away to do something else, came back just after noon and now all my custom domains 404 on me. If I switch the “Blog Address” back to I can still see the content, so that would seem to indicate it’s not a WP problem.

Obviously, I want to get back to having my main domain names working here. Is this related to today’s outage or is there something else going on?

Thanks in advance.



They are all re-directing fine for me for me…



Hi rlparker,

Thanks for the quick response. It is still 404’ing for me and I had friends in different parts of the country using different ISPs than me hit it with a browser in the last 30 minutes and they get 404’s too.

If you do a dns look up of, it points to, but if you do the same with it goes to I’m not sure that’s necessarily related (depending on how you guys have things clustered), but I know you have been moving things around the last 12 hours to deal with that other outage and I thought that might have had an impact on my situation.



Now I’m thinking I’m caught in a DNS propagation. A friend in Texas (I’m in Cincinnati) can get it to work for him. I’ll sit tight for a few hours and see what happens.



Is that like being in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike?

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