More blingy problems

Hi to all.

Our blog,, is down and I don’t know how to know my server name to find related issues with this server.

Thank you to all.

(Edited at original poster’s request)

Log into the Panel and click Account Status in the upper right corner. It’ll tell you your web server name, and the email server name. The email server is your cluster name.


Thank you very much.

So, I’m the only who has beed having problems with ganon web server in blingy cluster?..

Probably not. The Blingy cluster seems to still be stuck, quite stubbornly, in the total disaster state.

It does sound like they’re giving up on the problematic hardware, though, and replacing it with their old tried-and-true NetApp server. This is the brightest news we’ve heard about Blingy in a while and a move that is worth some small applause.

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Thank alpicola for the info.

I searched a bit for the blingy issue and I’m very dissapointed with that.

DH, how much more time is needed to resolve all the blingy issues?..