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I’m curious if anyone is using moodle on DH. If so, how was the install? What plan are you using to stay within the DH limits? I want to move a moodle site off my basement server, but trying to assess if DH can/will handle it. The site will only get modest traffic (at first).



I’ve got two installations of Moodle going at DH. Neither one gets much traffic, but both are working fine and the installation was easy.


Re the site limits DH starts you with bandwidth and disk space limits and they increase every week. Check the limits on the plans below, but you will probably find they are way above what you need.

Most people that are hitting those kinds of limits would have long ago gone to a dedicated server.

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As Peter says; The DreamHost disk storage and bandwidth limits are unlikely to be a problem for all but the busiest of sites.

However, some busy sites hosted on DreamHost have run into the CPU minutes restriction. That is to say, the sites have consumed too many CPU resources on the box they are sharing. From what I can gather, when this happens it is most likely due to an in-efficient script or bad configuration.


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Good to see someone using moodle in DH. I’m trying to install one at this moment. The installation was OK, though it took 7 long hours to upload such a huge file in the server.

However, I’m more worried about the php memory limit, DH is offering 8M whereas while installing moodle they told me that it should be atleast 16M. Also, I read in the moodle doc. that I may need additional php add-ons like LDAP.

I am considering installing php of my own. But I wanted to be sure if that’s really necessary, from someone who is already using Moodle.


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[quote]though it took 7 long hours to upload such a huge file in the server.


What? I just went to to moodle home page, download looks to be about 18mb. Even dial up shouldn’t be that slow. I hope you didn’t upload the ‘complete install’ - apache, mysql, and php are already installed on the server (and you don’t have the kind of access to install these things your self).

You definatly need to learn how to use SSH and the ‘wget’ command. SSH is the secure version of telnet, a way to conect to your server’s command line. wget will download a file for you directly to the server, using DH’s mega bandwidth. The 18mb download would have taken a matter of seconds.

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Nah, I just installed the normal version … yeah, it was around 18MB when zipped (49MB unzipped, and I downloaded the unzipped version, having unzipped locally).

It’s true that I need to learn the SSH (or telnet) … actually with my other host (with whom i sharted some 2 yrs back) was not giving me access to all these … so never had the need to learn … i’ve now downloaded the Putty thing, and set up the cron job thro’ that … my first SSH experience …

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Try it without your own php installation for now. My guess is that it will run ok with 8MB.

Also, the LDAP features of PHP would only be required if you want to use Moodle’s LDAP authentication feature. Since you are moving from your basement to a shared hosting facility, my guess is that this does not yet apply to you. It is designed for more developed intranets where there is a central directory server (running the LDAP protocol) that stores all your users’ identity information.


Thanks. Well, I’m doing it for someone else. Do you think that that guy or his users will face any problem with the present DH configuration? Means, no LDAP, limited memory,etc.


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Just look at requierment

And what does dreamhost give :wink:

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