Moodle - MySQL5?


When I attempt to do a One-Click install of Moodle, it tells me that the db is not MySQL 5, even though it appears to be a MySQL 5 db. Any ideas about how to proceed? I tried creating a new db first then installing Moodle, still no go. Really confused!


If it’s a one-click install, why not have it create the new database as well? There is a “Create New Database Now:” option at the bottom.

I just tried it and it worked.



I had the same exact problem yesterday. You need to contact DreamHost support to fix the problem. Here’s what they wrote me today and I was able to install with no problem:

[quote] I see what’s going on…

The database server that you are on (sizzle, dandilo, riffraff) are ALL
mySQL 4 database servers.

I’ve set it up so all future databases will be on mysql 5 machines.

So ahead and try the installation of Moodle again, using a NEW database
(create a new one).[/quote]
Good luck!