Moodle Modules


I just installed (or tried to) my first Moodle Module. When it was all done building the tables, I got a message to set “register_globals=off” in my .htaccess or php.ini file. Support helped me find the htaccess file (it was buried in /lib). Now that I’ve found it, I don’t know what to do with it.

Do I use the .htaccess or the php.ini file.

Regardless of which one I use, do I just enter the variable any old place or does it have to go in some particular order. There’s nothing in htaccess file about register_gobals.

Has anyone run across this?

I’ll gladly take any direction someone wants to give me.


If your domain is set to PHP5, then register_globals is off by default. You can find out for sure by going to this URL in your Moodle site:

It’s part of the Admin tools under Server -> PHP Info in the left menu of your Moodle site.