Moodle Language Problem




Anyone out there using Moodle with DreamHost?

I am having trouble with language packs and my research is telling me that it is a PHP issue with allow_url_fopen. I’ll tell you right now that I don’t know anything about PHP. I found the discussion on allow_url_fopen in these forums so that is not the issue. The issue is that I am such a fresh faced rosy cheeked nube to the PHP stuff that I can’t understand it.

If anyone has had this issue with Moodle and has worked it out please help me get a clue.




I’m using Moodle, but in English, so I haven’t had much of a challenge with Language Packs. However, I have been able to modify language strings in the existing installation.

I just tried it and got that error, but it gives you instructions on how to get around the restriction:

Because Moodle can not connect to, we are unable to do language pack installation automatically. Please download the appropriate zip file(s) from the list below, copy them to your /home/MYUSER/MYDOMAIN.COM/uploaddata/lang/ directory and unzip them manually.
Language packs are available at:
That page mentions that you should be doing it automatically, but the table of language packs listed are for 1.6 manual installation.

If you’re new to the shell and have trouble unzipping, post back.