Moodle Install


I attempted to do the ‘One-click’ install of Moodle. Everything worked and i was doing ok. I had a little trouble and wanted to start over. I deleted all the tables and did another One Click Install of Moodle. I received the email from Dreamhost and followed the instructions. All was well until I clicked on the final link to set up the admin-username and password.
I got an error message about there being a problem with the admin log in. (maybe because this is my 3rd time attempting to install??) Now i dont know what my admin-username is and i know this would have been something I set up during the install process as the set up email states. I attempted to retrieve the username name/login from Moodle but they don’t have a record of me or my email address. Any thoughts???


Go to the panel under Goodies->Manage MySQL and use phpMyAdmin to log into your Moodle Database and either retrieve the email address, or Edit the database and set the email address to something usable.