Moodle File Size - Disappointed with DH


I moved my hosting to DreamHost because it offered a one-click Moodle install. I installed Moodle and then learned that maximum file upload size is only 7MB! Moodle washed its hands off saying this is a Host and PHP problem. DreamHost’s PHP .ini file modification instructions to wash their hands off saying this is not their problem. While the instructions are scattered across DreamHost wiki and other forums, it is disappointing.
Isn’t one-click install supposed to set these parameters to a file size that is a bit realistic than just 7MB? I am slowly learning the free software comes with free problems too! I am not complaining but learning my lessons here.


The PHP default is 2MB, they’re actually giving you a boost (albeit unsatisfactory in your case).

Haha! Good call :wink:

Try the php.ini auto-installer here:

Thanks sXi !

I’d just recommend that you do a little research before coming to this conclusion. Dreamhost allows custom php.ini files. I set my upload limit to 64MB.

I did my research before commenting.

  1. There is no one point source in DH documentation to say how this problem should be fixed, particularly when this is a common issue.
  2. There are posts and discussions around this topic by users but not by DH itself. Shouldn’t it offer this when they attract users using “one click” Moodle install as a selling point?

Even if custom php.ini’s are possible, why use such a limit in default settings that is unrealistic? One-click install, but with unrealistic settings. May be I am not an expert and hence am finding this a bit hard.

As I said, I am not complaining, just observing.


sXi, the link you sent was awesome. Thanks.

FYI, for benefit of other users.

I just deleted everything. I started with a new sub-domain and reinstalled moodle. However, I choose PHP 5.3 (FastCGI) while creating the sub-domain (DreamHost default is 5.2 (FastCGI) from the drop-down list.

Moodle install went smoothly. Magically, I found that preset limit for course size is now 50MB! That is mighty good. I don’t know if DH tweaked there settings after my post or this is default for PHP 5.3. Whatever it may be, I am ok with it. Problem solved.

excellent news! if you have time, add this information to the wiki. It’ll be easier for others to find it there I think.