Moodle cron not working - not sending out emails

Hi all,

We’re still running a Moodle 1.9 site, and I just realized that the cron job for emailing students was no longer working. No settings have been changed, but I did update it to 1.9.19+ (Build: 20130125) last year.

Anyway, I’ve checked the settings in Moodle (both site policies and the email settings), and they seem fine. We’re running this on Dreamhost shared hosting, and the cronjob is setup like this:

wget -q -O /dev/null[1]

It’s set up to run every 10 minutes. I’ve tested with a few forum posts, but no emails are going out. I’ve also tried running it from the web, and it goes through the cron job, but again nothing gets emailed out. I’ve changed the email settings from SSL (:465) back to the default (no port specified), but it still isn’t working. The email is a gmail account, and the SMTP settings are correct - I can login to the email and see that no emails are being sent out.

Is there some setting in Moodle I can check or is this perhaps more of a Dreamhost problem?


I ended up installing the Quickmail block, so that works for emailing students, but posting to the news forum still doesn’t send an email out, so it seems like the cron job still isn’t working for that.

Anyway, the Quickmail is a workaround, so we’ll stick with that for now.

You may use a third party cron job service like

I’ve been wrestling with this for the past year, too. I’m surprised nobody has successfully answered any of the questions about about this. (Except pointing to an external subscription service.)

I still eagerly await any new ideas posted to these forums.

In fact, if anyone reading this is interested in doing some freelancing to get my Moodle email working on DH, please contact me.