Moodle and messaging

Has anyone gotten moodle’s messaging to work? I try to send a message to registered users, but the email is never delivered. Registration of new users works fine, and those emails are transmitted.

I’ve had the same problem. I installed Moodle about 6 months ago and have been trying on & off to get messages delivered. None of the solutions I’ve tried have worked.

Does anyone have tips on how to get this to work on DreamHost accounts?

Many thanks.

What version are you using? Are you using One-Click 1.9.x? Is e-mail from Moodle working at all (i.e. are you getting forum posts mailed out when you run cron?) Do you have all the messenging features you want to use enabled? WHy not post to as opposed to here (as if e-mail is working at all, this is not a DH issue but a Moodle configuration issue)?

BTW, I have had quite a few Moodles running on DH for quite some time without much trouble.

I used the one-click install.

No messaging of any kind has worked on my install yet.

I’ve tried everything suggested on the forums, but nothing works. (I’ve checked and double-checked all the settings. I’ve checked the SMTP server info. I’ve checked… tons of things.)

I’m hoping this is a DH thing that has a very easy fix. (Fingers crossed!)

  1. This is almost certainly NOT a DH issue
  2. When you say no messaging of any kind has worked, what exactly do you mean? Moodle 1.9.x comes with built in chat and messaging. Moodle messaging uses a pop-up and will fall back to e-mail if you set it to. Are you saying that messaging between two persons logged in to Moodle does not work?
  3. If you have not blocked it, Moodle messages will be dished off to the same e-mail process the Moodle uses for all other e-mail, so if you get any e-mail from Moodle, it is almost certain that you are not getting messages e-mailed when the recipient is off-line because that feature is blocked.
  4. I did check the forums but found nothing from you posted. I would beware reading forum posts instead of documentation as they can easily mislead you.

I can likely fix things for you for a price or you can post to with specific details, including specific details of exactly what you have done or have not done and exactly what is or is not working. As I mentioned, as long there is mail coming out of Moodle to a user, then it is highly unlikely that the failure of that user to receive an e-mailed Moodle message has anything to do with DH.