Moodle 2.x

With the release of Moodle 2.0 DH is faced with a rather thorny problem, in that DH will support only version of Moodle at a time.

IMHO M2 is not production software and a review of the postings to the fora amply demonstrates the myriad issues that anyone thinking of using Moodle 2 must face. I am afraid that I have to argue that DH should stay at Moodle 1.9.x until such time as Moodle 2 is fully functional and stable.

What do you think??

Gallery 3 is out, but it hasn’t hit the One-Click system yet. And like Moodle, even if the next version does get pushed to the One-Click system, you don’t have to upgrade to it until you think it’s production-ready.

The problem is that once DH moves to Moodle 2 as a one click, then it will not provide updates for 1.9.x, which would be a REAL propblem for most DH Moodle users. Far better to allow those who want Moodle 2 to install on their own until it is production ready software, especially as Moodle 2 suppots at present virtually NO plugins.

Bottom line. Anybody needing 2.0 can install it by hand, using CVS and using the PHP beta as mentioned here:

“However, DH has made a php5.3 build available as a beta. That means that if you want to run Moodle 2 you can select the php5.3 beta (a new panel option under Manage Domains->Web Options) , install Moodle using CVS (arguably a better idea if you want to stay current) and things should work just fine (DH will want to hear about any issues so that they can tweak their 5.3 beta to address any problems)”

Just did this myself, and it worked fine…

Only one warning that said:

“PHP Extension Intl. Extension is used to improve internationalization support, such as locale aware sorting. should be installed and enabled for best results”

Hurray! People actually read the stuff I put in the wiki - lol

And that is the kind of thing we need to advise DH on, and I will pass that on as they will need to either add that extension or address the warning in the eventual one-click (thanks @deliot)

So I want to install Moodle 2.0 since it’s been out for four months and I have no old version. I see that deliot did this back in December, but I see no other comments. I’m going to go for it since I don’t have a legacy system to worry about. Anyone else been installing 2.0?
Thanks - Laurie

knock yourself out. choose the latest php from the panel a make sure you know how to do custom php.ini with fcgi and it will install just fine. there is also now a stable branch for 2.0 which will mke cvs install easier…

But, Moodle 2 has issues. SO, if you have no legacy code to worry about and you want to do an explore, you will be able to do that. If you want to have a production moodle with contrib modules etc, you might as well wait for another year when contribs catches up, the devs actually finish the coding, etc.

I am new to moodle and also to dreamhost. I am not new to html, php, sql, or web servers and have been running my own since 1994 although I would never claim to be good at any of it. I signed up for a standard shared hosting package and installed moodle 2.0.2+ the other day. It is running fine except occasionally slow (I am the only user) and occasional error messages. I assume it is because of shared hosting, but would appreciate advice on it.

I plan to have hundreds of users and maybe thousands. As I look at dreamhost options it seems the same cost as VPS (or less) to have a dedicated server when you consider the ram requirements (I read 4MB somewhere). Does anyone know what a realistic path to such a setup looks like? Can I use what I have now for the first 100 or so users? How many will VPS support? At what point do I need a dedicated server? When do I need a second one? Is dreamhost a good option? Are there many others using moodle here?

Your DH moodle will likely come to a screeching halt with more then 40 concurrent users, and use by others on your server will impct you at the most inopportune times. Go VPS and let us know how thinghs look…

p.s. there is some discussion on the fora that Moodle 2 is much slower than 1.9…

Thanks for the feedback marc. I read up on the performance issues and am still unclear about the options. It seems that for $89 a month I can run a dedicated server with 2GB ram and for $99 get the 4GB that would run well for how may users? I am confused as to why I would pay $100 for 2 GB on a VPS? Is it because I can pay $15 for 300MB and it will still work and upgrade as demand warrants? But what advantage is there to VPS over dedicated once it gets to the $100 level? Is it easy to upgrade to dedicated when the time comes? Is it worth saving a few bucks while developing it for a couple months or is the move more trouble than it is worth?

I appreciate the advice and hope that it helps others too.


tom, Moodle 2.0 will run fine on DH servers, run it with PHP 5.3 for best results.

However, you will not be able to service anywhere near that many concurrent or casual users unless you get the high-end dedicated server.

I have a VPS server set up for ours, in order to accomplish 20ish concurrent users and it’s all it can do to handle even that traffic. We will probably have to move this part of our project to a specialized Moodle host.

For one, the VPS service lets you ramp up based on demand, so tat you can get a feeling for what your actual needs are. VPS also loks like shared hosting so it is easy to move in that direction. If you know you are going to start with 40 concurrent users and grow, you may well want to start with a private server and I think you wll find the costs at DH for that are comparable to that at other webhosts… Moodle Partners end up using services like or Unless you know where you are going ahead of time, I would take it easy, start small and ramp up and see how things scale for you. My guess is that the new file sstem will mke Modle 2 more db intensive, which makes mysql the most likely point of constriction.

Any update on this? We’re running Moodle 1.9 and would definitely like to upgrade to Moodle 2.2 - it’s been available & in service for a while now.

Yes wondering when the one click install will install version 2.0.
Or better still the most stable version which currently is 2.2

Bit fustrated its still sitting on 1.9

IS there any possibility of this being revised by DH?

Just wanted to update you that I was able to manually install Moodle 2 through FTP in case this info helps for setting up a one click install. I’m sure CVS is your safest method but I’m more comfortable with FTP so I gave it a shot and it worked. The only error I got in the installation process is described below.

php_extension intl should be installed and enabled for best results
Intl extension is used to improve internationalization support, such as locale aware sorting.

I just wanted to say I did a manual install of Moodle and also FTP’d my files up. FireFTP, on Firefox, wouldn’t decompress the files on the server. Anyway, all seems to be working well.

I set up the empty database and data folder before running the installation.

Moodle 2.3.2 (what I loaded), is much more robust than 1.9. Definitely worth the effort to make the clean install happen.

Good luck!

A followup I posted to this here: