Moodle 2.x as a (paid?) option


Create a “one-click-install” like way to use Moodle 2.x
Moodle 2.x needs more resources than available in the normal hosting plan. But it should be possible to us it without installing it manually.
I suggest to make it an option, “one-click-installing” it on a separate server (with the right PHP, enough RAM, …). Maybe for a small extra annual fee.


I agree with the above comment, a bit frustrated that Moodle 2.4 is not yet available through one-click


I agree completely, we’re working on a system to ensure that all of our one-clicks are properly moderated and kept up-to-date (and the top of my list is Moodle). I am hoping we can get this addressed in the next 2-3 weeks (or sooner!).


This is very, very good news - please let us know here when it’s up and running!


Not to ruin the surprise or anything but we’re going to go ahead and improve how we administer the one-click installs so that we can very easily keep all of them updated. The bad news is that means it will take a little longer to get to Moodle specifically; however, future updates should be very easy (and quick) and we should be able to add a couple of nifty features to the system while we’re at it. I am expecting work to start on that in the next week or so and I’ll keep you updated.


Very interested on this as well.
Please keep as updated!