Moodle 2 top level course




Have been trying to install Moodle 2.x .
As advised, we added a VPS server and still we have trouble installing.

We follow the instructions…if fact in this thread is a discussion of the exact same issue, however no solution was advised.

We get the same result. When we go back to our page we get the error


Can some please advise what we need to do.
Would appreciate help from anyone.

Paul and John


Same exact problem.
Tried all sorts of things based on reading about similar issues. Nothing worked.

Tried different directories … different databases … original code … various suggested mods … nothing … always the same message … even tried increasing times in php.ini …

Any help would be appreciated.

NOTE: I strongly believe that DH should maintain a strong Moodle 1.9, while helping users test 2.3 installations …
I for one would prefere a viable and efficient 1.9 installation, to a slow and problematic 2.3 one.


Thanks for the reply. I see that other members have said they have been successful in loading Moddle 2.x. It also looks like many have not been able to. Its a popular topic.

Could someone, someone who has been successful, please comment on this. Would be much appreciated. Perhaps DH support could suggest a place to start?

I have engaged a friend who is very knowledgeable in Wordpress design to install Moodle 2.3 for me. And he has not been able to resolve the issue.


thank you, John


Here is a “how to” I created that may help a bit: