Months of work lost! Thanks a lot dreamhost

I recently went to my site, only to find that it had somehow “gone
back in time” if you will, and had reverted to the state it was
almost two months ago!

About two hours ago, I reveived an email from Dreamhost saying that
dreamhost had moved my account off the evaluation server “limbo-
randy2” back to it’s original home machine, “mark”. Coincidentally,
this is around the same time this problem occured. Also, how far
back the site was sent is around the same time we were moved to
the evaluation server. I’m almost certain that this is the cause;
perhaps the data we lost is still on the evaluation server “limbo-

We’ve lost months of work because of this, and
my inbox is flooded with letters from fans concerning this issue. I contacted dreamhost a day ago, but have yet to recive a response. Any Idea what I should do? :frowning:

*for whatever reason, my subdomain’s forums were unaffected. I have
fronpage extensions enabled on my main domain, but not on the
subdomain; could the extensions have something to do with this?

You do have backups, don’t you?

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

Dreamhost does keep backups!

“Also do you guys include a backup service of any kind?
We keep hourly, daily and weekly backups.”

This was from a couple days ago, so you should be fine and recieve your backup with no problem!

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Ouch! :wink:

Sorry to hear about your loss, but you just learned one of webhosting’s hardest lessons: If you didn’t back it up, it wasn’t important.

Did you review your snapshot backups? I’m sure Dreamhost will be able to dig something up, if that doesn’t help.

Once you’re back up and running, be sure to back everything up yourself. It’s just as important with a host that does backups as it is with a host that doesn’t.

Good luck!

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True, but note that Dreamhost also says, “We recommend you always keep your OWN copy of your entire web site at a remote location as well” on the features page.

Not keeping backups, whether a host does it or not, is an extremely bad habit.

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That’s the most frustrating thing, I do keep backups. However, the backup I would’ve relied on this time was CORRUPT. (cries)

In any case, the way I see it; if they had a copy of my site from two months ago on the old server, then they MUST have a copy still on the server I was on… right?

They should… I don’t think it will be a problem.

Did you already check to see what’s in your snapshot backup directory?

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I use frontpage extensions, so there wouldn’t be anything there.