Monthly rebill L1 = $10.95?


my first “good” year as a dreamhost customer comes to an end.

currently i use the plan “My Crazy Domain Insane”, or “L1”, and the first year i paid anually.

today i changed the rebill period to monthly, which automatically changed monthly fees to the amount of $10.95.

10.95 $ is the correct sum for the new plan “happy hosting”, but “L1” (the one i’m using) should be 9.95 $/month !

any info about this?

I’d have to dig for their announcement, but if you change the terms of your plan, then they switch you over to Happy Hosting. A plain ol’ renew of the existing plan would keep you on the old plan.


hi Scott,

that’s why i ask

all i did was changing the Rebill Period (anually to monthly), i did not intentionally “change terms” nor did i receive a notification regarding changing conditions of contract.

I’m still on the plan “My Crazy Domain Insane”, thats why i think the new “happy hosting” - terms shouldn’t apply here.

it would be nice to see corresponding announcement.

I can’t find the official announcement, though I do remember this information being posted here.

There is certainly a lot of notice on the “Manage Account” page where you change your rebill period:
You can: "Change to our “Happy Hosting” plan?"
or: “Change Rebill Period?
(Automatically upgrades you to our one plan!)”

Unfortunately, it’s not like you were actually on the “monthly crazy domain insane plan”. You were on the “annual crazy domain insane plan” and changed to the “monthly happy hosting plan”.

Maybe if you contact support they can put you back on your old plan? Of course, you’d be back to annual billing…

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thanks for your answer, Lensman

I checked the account information again and found the details:

Name: My Crazy Domain Insane
b: (Happy Hosting)[/b]

think i’ll have to go back to yearly payment then (both plans have the same prices)