Monthly billing?

Hi all! I’m very interested in hosting with Dreamhost as my previous host left me hanging and I need to get my website back up and running asap.

I just have one question; does anyone know if we can pay by the month? I know pay by the year options are probably available which I’d like to do if I’m satisfied with the service, but for now I’m looking to pay monthly or perhaps every 3 months.

Monthly is $10.95. You can chose that option when you sign up. There is a $49.95 set-up fee charged as well though.

As mentioned with monthly billing there is a $49.95 setup fee, which is waived when signing up for one year.
Dreamhost also has a 97 day money back garantee (when signing up for one year), so there is not reason to not signup for one year for $9.95x12=118.90

There is no 3-month payment. It is either monthly or yearly. As mentioned by goowinl, there will be a set up fee for monthly payment.

If you just wanna see how it goes, I’ll suggest you to sign up a yearly plan. If you are not satisfied, you can close the account and get your money back within 97 days. Please note that domain registration fee is NOT refundable.

I think that you can also get a partial refund if you decide to terminate your account. I’m not sure if that’s still true, but I remember something to that effect when I signed up and paid for 3 years. I felt reassured that I could cancel after 1 or 2 years and get a refund on the remaining amount. Maybe I was dreaming though…

I’m replying very late to this thread as I stumbled on it. I want to actually change my yearly billing to monthly before january of 2014 as it will make my money a bit easier to manage. Is this possible/ I clicked edit under the coomn of billing under my plan but nothing seemed to change. I son’t want to close my account as I have 3 domains fully hosted

Thanks all.

Yes, you can flip between monthly/yearly.

I realize that but when I click edit in the billing column nothing happens. The page does not change to reflect that I might want to make this change. I’m using safari on osx as that’s all I have.


Javascript is likely required to be enabled in your browser. I’d probably try using Google Chrome to see how it fairs with the Panel.

Java is on in my browser, safari in this case. I’ll see what happens in google chrome and see if this works. I can’t get in to windows right now due to some tech issues which will not be discussed here. If I cannot switch it I"ll just start making payments so that when my renew date comes I don’t have much to pay. lol!

I love dream host and don’t want to leave them just because I cannot pay my yearly bill lol!

Tc all and be blessed.