Mono Project and Dreamhost

Hi Dreamhosters and Dreamhost folks,

I’ve been following the Mono project for a while but fell out of the loop for some time. In another forum, a colleague pointed out the mono project asking whether or not it’s viable enough to compete with the .NET framework for Mac and Linux.

Obviously, it’s good enough to compete but not perfect. Mono lacks WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation - which gives Vista its shine and luster). WCF seems to be not complete (which is a huge deal if you’re into web services).

Anyways, the one thing that caught my attention was that Mono has a complete implementation of the .NET framework including LINQ, ASP.NET and other .NET 3.5 features. What’s even neater is that they want to implement ASP.NET MVC (think RoR for ASP.NET).

Now, to my point: why can’t Dreamhost add Mono to their list of Apache extensions? I’m sure this has been talked about before (and if you’re going to reply, please be kind and don’t flame or be a troll), but I would imagine that in previous years/iterations, Mono was immature and not ready for prime time. However, I would argue against that and say that with all the new features loaded, I don’t see why not.

I’m a software engineer and I code primarily in C#. I’m kind of aggrevated that to get a Windows host means one has to sacrifice features. I have loved Dreamhost because I get both - and the service has been nothing but fantastic! (Yes, I’m buttering up DH employees in hopes that it will convince you to install Mono)

There are a lot of ASP.NET developers who, for one reason or another, don’t have time to sit down and learn Ruby on Rails or PHP. Not that they’re hard, but it would be nice to have the option to be able to use something we use on our 9 to 5’s to develop sites so we don’t have to waste time on a learning curve. I think that DH can definitely execute adding Mono, and they will execute it well. I also believe that DH can gain those developers who have always wanted the stability and performance of UNIX/Linux with the power of .NET.

So, please, will you install Mono? Pretty please? Sugar on top? I want to see DH become even better and I think that Mono will only help DH to become better by providing a way for those whom web hosting companies have forgotten (ASP.NET developers) with shoddy features and prices.

I don’t think you should get your hopes up for mono ever being supported in the dreamhost environment. I do, however, think that eventually we’ll be able to get it to work. I’ve been trying for some time to get it to compile in our hosting environment, but have not had any luck. I don’t see why this would not be possible, it just isn’t easy.

I see the biggest problem as being that most people who are interested in mono support are inherently not debian guru’s. We just need that one person who knows enough to get it done. I know we’re not the only ones trying to compile mono on a shared host, but I can’t seem to find any comprehensive resources.

My biggest issue so far seems to be getting all of the dependencies to compile correctly, and to make sure that I’m using my dependent libraries, and not the ones from DH (as, a lot of those seem to be outdated).

see here:

Reading this makes me think that this package might take care of a good number of dependencies and issues I was having(in addition to making me think i’m in over my head):