Mono / C# / ASP.NET

As a former (absolutely satisfied) customer, I’d like to know if there’s a chance that DH would provide ASP.NET (obviously based on mono) some day?

We don’t have any current plans to add ASP.NET support, but we aren’t against it or anything either… we just haven’t seen enough demand to make it worth our while to support.

I’m not particularly familiar with the way ASP.NET apps run under Linux, but I suspect you could probably get it to work as is under DreamHost PS, either using mod_proxy or something similar.

I second the motion, i’ll see if its in the panel as a suggestion

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I’ve been reading about a new CMS program called Boogaloo requirements&referringTitle=Homet
that uses 3.5 and would like to add my voice to the rush demanding support for ASP.NET.

Mono doesn’t appear to currently support ASP.NET 3.5 at all - it only works up to 2.0:

Actually a large part of 3.5 works in mono including MVC and AJAX.

I’d love to see Mono on Dreamhost as I would definitely get more use out of my account.

I’ll add a “me too” to this.

I understand the DH position about adding functionality based on demand but we’ve had the discussion before and nothing ever comes of it. This can be a “chicken and egg” circular argument. Sometimes supply drives demand. You won’t get people saying they want something that you obviously do not or will not support.

I can’t use Mono at DH so I have to run/purchase other servers with other vendors for Mono and Microsoft.NET. I can’t have people hitting my domain for a .NET web service, I need to give them alternative URIs. I was going to proxy requests through DH with PHP but it’s a major pain.

There are a few hosts offering support for Mono but no providers with the same profile as DH. I think it would be a good marketing move for DH to offer Mono support as well as an ongoing lure for new business to support the initiative.

There are only a few primary web stacks in common use in this world:

  • LAMP
  • Java/J2
  • Rails
  • .NET
    All arguments aside about which platforms are the most popular, these are the main options, and it seems silly for DH not to support all of them. Mono is not a product of “the evil empire”, and even if it was, techo-religion and other biases shouldn’t influence which platforms are supported for business.

So I’d welcome Mono / C# / ASP.NET support here at DH. I’d use it a lot. I’d recommend DH in Mono venues. And I’d recommend a Mono / DH platform solution to more clients and colleagues when the opportunity arises.

Thanks for the consideration.

Support it as a VPS option to get more VPS customers.

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How To Install PHP.INI / ionCube on DreamHost

Some resources for those interested in getting mono going in the shared environment. I haven’t gotten anywhere with it, but Tiaan seems to be more than willing to help those that need it…just tough to find the time…

I’d like to add my vote for Mono as an option on DH. This is seriously the only thing missing from DH for me, and in general the hosting world needs some really good ASP.NET offer.