I’m looking at redeveloping my web sites in ASP.NET. The “What We Support” page says these can’t be used, but then it also says these are Windows-only, which is nonsense; I’m running them fine on my Mac and they run well under Windows too.

So I’m hoping that page is simply out of date, or — even if it’s not supported — I can simply install the Mono runtime in my shared account and run it myself.

If not (I can foresee some port contention there), what about a VPS?

In short: is there any way to stay at Dreamhost as I move forward with ASP.NET?
Incidentally, this page suggests that mono ASP apps can be deployed on an Apache server in two ways: either mod_mono or FastCGI. Would either of these work with Dreamhost?

While it may not be strictly “Windows-only” anymore, we do not support at this time. It may be possible in the future, however.

Sorry for the frustration.