Monitoring outgoing email


Hi, I had a question from a client just before. They’ve appointed a new business partner and this person is in charge of ordering stock. I’ve set them up a new mailbox with a forwarder (so the client gets a copy of incoming emails, and can make sure this guy does the right thing while he’s new there).

However my client wants to know if they can receive a copy of outgoing emails from this particular mailbox while he’s in training. I told them no and reasoned that if they could, then I could monitor their email (in theory) and learn their trade secrets.

They understood the security implications and was happy to have incoming emails forwarded only, but I wondered myself if this was possible. If not in a “forwarder” style of monitoring, but in a mailbox monitoring sort of way. As in, if the client logs in to, can they see sent emails (even if they were sent from a third party program)? Could the stock guy send an email, then delete it from the sent items and have it disappear from the sent items in webmail?

I hope this made sense. What complex times we live in!


Yes. There’s nothing special about the Sent mailbox in that respect. Indeed, sent messages only get put there at all if your mail client is configured to do so.

If you need detailed tracking of what messages your users are sending/receiving, DreamHost mail may not be the best solution for you.